Easy Peasy Breakfast Cloth DIY

Love the Pattern!

Love the Pattern!

What you’ll need:

1 Meter of cotton fabric

Thread in a matching (or contrasting..) color

Iron & Ironing Board

Sewing Machine (Optional..)


What You Do:

1. Wash and dry your fabric so that if it shrinks, it shrinks now before the edges are sewn and it gets warped.

2. Press out the wrinkles

3. Fold and sew the edges by about a centimeter, I don’t usually use pins, and didn’t here. (I like to live on the edge..)

4. Press your sewn edges down, and place on the table.

5. Say to yourself, “Holy Crap, I can’t believe that only took 15 minutes. Damn I’m good.”

"Damn I'm good"

“Damn I’m good”


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