Breaking Chicken News: My First Egg!


I found my first egg this morning! After a long night of tending to our wood stove and building up the stores of split wood (it was supposed to snow about a foot last night) I sleepily went to bring the chickens some warm water and found a big hole in their litter. I looked inside and there was this little guy. My first sleepy thought was,”how did an egg get in here” and after putting two and two together, “Oh ya, Chickens Make Eggs !!!” I ran back to the cabin with precious egg in hand grinning from ear to ear, yelling to Keenan, ” LOOK WHAT I GOT!! ” His enthusiasm could have been a bit higher as his response was more like, ” yep, an egg…”. I feel like a proud little farmer. I am officially a farmer now! Sort of! My birds are climitized and their is no artificial light in their coop so I’ve been told by many that I wouldn’t see any eggs this winter (Chickens typically need 14 hours of light a day to make an egg, we are currently getting almost 8 hours a day). Well look at that, we beat the odds!

– Cassandra


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