Christmasy Evergreen Basket


Here’s something I put together (a lot of) every Christmas season. Most of the time I’m making them for orders at work, but sometimes I’ll get the chance to make them to surprise a friend or like today family :). When I make them for others (not for work) I usually keep them pretty simple, cinnamon sticks, berries, pine-cones, and when I make them for work usually they have more ornaments and ribbon, bows and sometimes burlap.

These are not that difficult to make! And definitely have some wow factor. Here’s how:

You’ll Need:

Wire Cutters, Wire, Wire Basket Frame, Evergreen Boughs, Paint (If your painting your pine cones), berries, ornaments. Other items I suppose you could incorporate might be dried sliced oranges, strings of popcorn, dried apple, candy canes etc.

1. Begin cutting some of the butt ends of your boughs to squish into the wire frame as a base.


2. Once you’ve got a good base going on, you can start from the bottom stabbing in your evergreen boughs, and working your way up.


3. Once the sides are filled in nicely you can stab into the base from the top with your boughs creating the top.


4. Decorate!



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