New Years Day


Well it’s New Years Day. As often I do on New Years Day I think of New Years Day past and reflect on where I was at this time last year, what was improved and what I would like to improve in the New Year. This time last year, I remember I spent the day doing things I most enjoyed. I walked my dogs, made a fabulous real Caesar salad, and as new tradition, I roasted a ham. We were renting a lakeside trailer out in the country and I remember it was very cold out. Oh ya, and I quit smoking! This New Years Day I spent the day helping Keenan put up drywall for our one wall we could afford to finish and focus on. In 2013 we were able to buy 11.2 acres in the woods and build our own cabin. I also set up a solar panel and inverter for my chicken coop so I can keep them warm (finally) in the new year, and I’m still not smoking!  As per tradition I am also roasting a ham. I am using hoisen sauce on this one and it smells mouthwateringly good. I am extremely happy with how 2013 went for us and am very excited about 2014. Here’s to hopefully a year of finished projects, dinners and parties spent with friends and family. Cheers.


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