Wallpaper Wallpaper Wallpaper


Well I cannot fully explain how satisfying it is to finally accomplish something I’ve been wanting to do since December. I saw a picture of some wallpaper in someone’s house on a blog in the early winter and fell head over heels in love with their wallpaper. I ended up actually getting a hold of the owners of the house to see if they could lead me in the direction of to where I could find said wallpaper.


The wall in December, before drywall…

They did. I found it. I love it. I love it so much I married it.  As it turns out the wallpaper was unpasted. The lady who was able to order it in (only a business could) explained that unpasted wallpaper was easier to put up then pasted. Well I’ve never put up pasted wallpaper (or put up any wallpaper ever) but I’d like to think she was wrong. It was SO hard. It took so many tries. On the first try, I accidentally pasted the wall and not the wallpaper, wasting a whole strip. Which, let me note, was extremely expensive. On the next try my Mom came up to give me a hand and we were able to get up three strips. I stood in awe as she knew exactly what to do. I helped her while silently thinking, “you are a wallpaper wizard…” We were able to get three rows up before the ladder was too short to reach and it was getting extremely difficult to hang at such a height. Even the wallpaper wizard threw down her tools and maximum patience reached stated, “I’M DONE”. Crossing her arms and all.


She came back up to the cabin last weekend and got back on the ladder, to come back down shortly after and decided we needed to go back to the drawing board as the ladder was just not going to cut it. She is a bookkeeper and one of her clients has a renovation company. We borrowed a couple sets of scaffolding and wouldn’t you know it. That was the answer. We were able to finish the rest of the wall in a couple of hours, with no throwing of tools, and no ending of patience. (Though I did bang my head off a piece of scaffolding and glare loathingly at her at one point.. because someone must be to blame…)

All of that aside, I am so impressed with how the wall turned out. I love it. I have some lumber and pipe cut for my next project (that also includes this wall) but you will have to wait and see for that one.

While I was able to have scaffolding at the cabin I had a friend come on Saturday to fix the outside of the wallpaper wall. When we had sided the house in the fall we ran out of siding and just covered the missing pieces with tarpaper, and a sheet of plywood. Well the tarpaper blew away shortly there after and I was left with insulation wall..


I could actually see from the inside to the outside through the top part of the wall. I’m going to say a lot of my heat loss in the winter was likely from the gaping holes in the upper part of the wall… but lets look forward at the lovely fixed wall..(with a little bit of mud on it.. for character ..)


Oooohhhh, ahhhhhhh…

I am so appreciative for the help to have this finally fixed. I could have never of done it on my own.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



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