The Break in the Storm

Summer is here.


I often think of July as the halfway mark. I am shocked at how much I’ve been able to do so far this summer. I feel like already I’ll have a much better shield against winter. It’s been hard to let winter go and enjoy summer while it’s here. I’ve got about four loads of wood split and stacked and ready to go (Thank-You so much to everyone who’s helped out with that!), my stoves all cleaned out and there’s even kindling and paper ready to be lit. I’ve knit myself a scarf and crocheted myself a toque. I’ve been storing food. Goals left to tackle for this summer are still a bit daunting but I think do able.


They are:
1. Insulate the floor of the cabin.
2. Build an outhouse!
3. Hang the outdoor solar light on the cabin facing the outhouse.
4. Four more loads of wood!
5. Pick up a new wood stove (that burns longer than four hours)
6. Pipe in the wood cook stove I had given to me!
7. Build a new chicken coop.
8. New brakes, ice road worthy tires and rims.

Oh and remember that pipe/lumber project I told you about? Finished it!



I feel as if whatever sickness has been ailing me since May I am starting to heal from. (Though I think it’s an extreme hormone imbalance.) Every new day that I am given I am thankful for. I have quit one of my jobs and it has given me time in my day to breathe, relax and work/create for myself. I feel as though before when I was miserable and stormy that I was taking a lot for granted. In a way this whole ordeal has been a lesson on slowing down and being thankful. Knowing that I’m not in control of my life (anything can happen in the blink of an eye) and being grateful for the things I have and life I’ve been given.





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