An Insulated Floor

The cabin’s floor is insulated! 


I am absolutely chuffed with this. The difference it’s already made is incredible. It’s been so hot in the cabin that it’s been unbearable to stay the night inside. Within minutes I’d be boiling hot and feeling dizzy. Now, it stays nice and cool inside and the heat stays outside. This can only mean one other thing. I might actually stay warm this winter. Gone are the days of having -8 inside and not being able to get the cabin warmer than that. Gone are the days where my water jugs if sitting on the floor would freeze solid. Gone are the miserable cold days, inside the cabin that is. This has been such a weight off my mind. 




2 thoughts on “An Insulated Floor

  1. Yay for you! It’s so good to see your progress – and to witness the rejuvenation of your soul!

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