I’ve been falling deeper and deeper into a hole and I’m stuck. I’ve not posted cabin updates lately. I feel embarrassed at how slow my progress is and I hate posting about something that never seems to be finished.

I thought January would be the month I cover all the plastic walls in the cabin, I’ve almost finished a wall. I thought I’d be making things and getting things done. I thought I would be moving forward. My truck needed to be fixed twice in January. All the money I made in January went to my truck and to my land payment. I still owe money for the second fix. I thought, ” I’m not bringing in the truck at all in February, I’ll drive it til it breaks down completely.” Here it’s February 13th and I’m positive I need to replace a ball joint again. It’s LOUD. In the morning when I drive to town I think, if I breakdown, I can’t take the truck in because I still owe for the last time. I’m beyond broke and have borrowed all I can borrow. I literally wouldn’t be able to make it to work to pay for the truck.. That I need to get to work..

Time. Monday – Friday I get up at 4:30.
Light a fire, feed the pup and chickens, farm chores.

The drive to town takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour. This morning I couldn’t go faster than 40km/hr without sliding.

I get to my moms house and shower.

I get to work just in time to quickly eat something and have a couple sips of coffee.

By the time I get home at night it’s 6:30/7. I do chores. I go to bed. I work most saturdays. But a bit later so my day is more like 6-6:00. Instead of 4:30-6:30/7.

Sunday. Blessed Sunday. I sleep in, drink a pot of coffee and look at the list of piling up chores, maintenance and projects. I tackle something until it’s dark out. I go to bed early to get up at 4:30 the next day. And do it over. And over. And over.

I’m getting nowhere.

I’ve worked out what needs to change. It’s the friggin truck. Almost all my money goes to fuel, insurance and maintenance. But it’s to the point where it’s breaking down faster than I can keep up. “So buy a new truck” I’ll get on that with my negative dollars.

Here’s the plan guys.. Huddle in.

This will be my last year doing this.

Working, I mean.

Next January I’ll only be going to town one day a week. I can’t do it now as I’m not set up enough to do it yet completely. I wanted to do a post on my goals for 2015 in January but couldn’t seem to get a single damn thing done.

Here are my goals for 2015 so that next January I can be out here full time, blogging, homesteading, and running my hand made items business.

Stocking up slowly on canned items and dry goods. I can can my own items as well but to start off I won’t have the time this year.

I need a way to collect rainwater for animals and garden. Drilling a well is out of the question right now.

Land cleared and fenced off to keep wild animals out. Chickens. More chickens. Oh plus a run for the chickens so I can let the cannibals out of their coop.

I want to skirt the cabin (finally) and insulate the skirting. For storage, for warmer cabin in winter, and cooler cabin in summer. Also I hate my plastic walls. I need to finish siding the inside of the cabin..and the floor. The poor floor ..

I need a kitchen. This BBQing in the snow is getting old. A way to freeze food would be good too..

A covered area to keep it in as well.

All the stoves installed, fixed and running plus all the appropriate brickwork done.

I’d like to build an addition on to the north side of the cabin, a bedroom and pantry/storage. The loft is unbearably hot to sleep in in the summer, so an extra bedroom on the lower level, plus I could then possibly house a roommate or worker.

I’ve dreamt of a shower house but this most likely won’t happen anytime soon. A way to shower would be nice though. As well as the outhouse finished.

I need the internet. I would like to grow this blog. Ideally it would be nice if I could post 2-3 times a day. Just sayin.

Gun. Chainsaw. Need those.

So uhm yea. All those things on a zilch time schedule and a zero dollar budget.

It’s time to get the ball rolling. Time for me to push harder. I’m open to suggestions on how to:

1. Keep my truck running
2. How to go about the afore mentioned.

I’m also open to help.

And rock n roll.

Good night world.



4 thoughts on “Stuck.

  1. Have you looked into propane freezers or refrigerators? I think they’re pretty pricey, though :/ Or perhaps look into making an Evaporative refrigerator. It won’t keep food frozen, but it’ll help others fresh. There is a lady whose blog I follow — she lives off grid in the Yukon — and she cans as much veggies and meat as she can. The rest of their “fresh” meat is at a friend’s house in their freezer. She goes without fresh veggies until her husband flies in from work every few months as she doesn’t go to town during the winter as it costs too much. Plus, there is dehydrating to keep food if you can’t freeze it. :/ Also, check out Pinterest for ideas about showering without running water/electricity. I know, not much help. Good luck! 🙂

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