Finished Walls: Before & After

Over the past couple months I have made some good progress on two of the cabin’s walls, the north facing wall and the south facing wall. As soon as I get home in the evening I set up lamps and flashlights and get to work. It feels good. My body is tired in the morning but my mind is content with the finishing, the moving ahead.

The north wall:


219172During:600108After:11008471_10155208184090367_8730409365174928271_n10352954_10155208184195367_5395993802496807985_n095The south wall:


173601During:058044After: (for now)081096099091There’s still a bit of clutter around the south facing wall. For both walls I’m not sure if I’d like to either a white wash or to stain them dark and do a bit of a light blue wash, would this make a grey look? I’m quite happy to not only have both walls being not plastic/insulation but both walls being also quite useful. I couldn’t properly hang curtains before on the south facing wall due to some.. missing studs.. now that the studs are there, curtains. This makes a world of a difference, especially now to where were nearing the season of warmth. Spring is in the air. Today Finley had all kinds of fun outside on his own, but he’s most curious about the little streams that are forming over the ice and snow as they melt. “How is the water moving? Where does it go?” He watched the moving water for the most part of today. Not only watching but he would figure out where they were starting and then follow them to where they went. Since I got him in the fall, he’s never been around a big body of water, I’m looking forward to seeing his big face the first time I take him to the lake down the road. I’m feeling excited for spring as well. I wouldn’t mind starting some little seedlings off in the south facing windows. I have an idea for some shelves to build on the two smaller windows on the south wall.

I’d like to finish one more wall, an east facing wall upstairs, which will be done in the same style except for that the boards will run vertically. I think from there I will leave the roof to finish for rainy days to come. As I would like to be outside putting in a run for my chickens (and possibly some new chickens!), clearing a big area for my big dream garden, putting fence posts in around that, as well as many other outdoor jobs. I’d like to finish the outhouse, as well as skirt in the cabin itself. As well as I’ve been looking over many articles on how to build cabinets. I’m thinking of building my own cabinets for a kitchen!

Lots of big dreams for my little cabin. It fills my free time and I let it. If it wasn’t this what would it be.



3 thoughts on “Finished Walls: Before & After

  1. Those walls look great! You have to be quite proud of yourself! I know I am!

    Is that knotty pine? It’s so beautiful, I would be tempted to give it a natural finish and call it good, though a light whitewash would be nice as well. Don’t think I would go with a dark stain though, as the natural or whitewash would help brighten things.

    Again, nice work! Seeing this, I am confident you can handle cabinets…

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