I Humped The Piano to Make Way For a Kitchen..

Usually I use my laptop to write blogs but I didn’t have a chance to charge it today. Bear with my phone blogging skills. Today I dove into skeins of yarn and hoped to knit myself out. Taking a break to stoke the stove and charge my phone I looked over the bottom floor of the cabin. 

“I bet it would take like five minutes to move that shelving upstairs. I bet I could move that damn piano too.” 


I didn’t realize how much that piano weighed when I had friends help me move it in. It’s the heaviest thing in here. Using all my strength pushing..nothing. Next thing you know there’s a storm of clothes flying, tools being tossed and a hurricane of swear words pouring out of my mouth. I gave it one final random last ditch effort and sort of thrusted all my weight into it. A giant hump. It budged. omgomgomg.. I humped that piano clear out of the way. Did it take five minutes? No, no it did not. But once I got the piano out of the way I cleared room to take a good look at what will be my kitchen area. 

– in regards to the shelving I moved, just about dropped it trying to get it up the ladder and myself with it. It’s fine, everything’s fine..  This is what I see when I look around the cabin. A bunch of things I’d like to build or improve. I really need more storage in here (I mean look at that over-loaded cupboard on the brink of collapse). 

My plan of action here is to start with the open shelving and upper cabinets to first clear up some room before moving on to the lower cabinets, flooring and kitchen island. Ohh and countertops. I’m thinking butcher block. So picture everything crisp white, with the wood from the countertops to contrast and tie in with the wood on the ceiling. Got it


– Cassandra 


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