Yus & Parvo Fear

Yesterday I went to work alone, as I will from here on out for this job. I don’t mind. The two-way radio is tricky at times and the traffic can be overwhelming, but I’m still loving it and hope over time I get better.

Having coffee at the diner in the distant community I started chatting with the woman that works there. I ask about the girl that brought in the puppy the last time I was there. “I will take you to them if you want to see them.” She offers. I nervously agree and we leave the diner. We show up to a small house on the outskirts of the community and the woman leads me to the woodshed. Inside is busy with little bodies and wagging tails. 

I offer to make payments on a female and the owner agrees to this (they know I’ll be back often). 

I pick out a female. I’ve named her Yus, the carrier word for wolf. 

I bring the woman back to the diner, she refills my coffee and I head back to town. Yus is sleepy and quiet for the trip back. 

By the time I got back to town I could feel the wear of the day, I felt shakey. When I got home I lit a fire, introduced Finley to Yus and brought her up to bed where we both crashed out. Exausted.   

 Through out the night she would wake me and I would take her outside to pee. She is quick to learn and hasn’t had one accident yet. She loves to howl. Finley adores her. He lies on his back and let’s her crawl all over him. He’s learning to be gentle. 

This afternoon I fed them both and shortly after Yus threw it up. She didn’t want to drink water anymore, she wanted to whine and sleep. Stomach burning hot and lethargic. I’ve been through parvovirus before and these are definitely warning signs. I tucked Yus into my coat and drove to town. There is no vet in town and the vet in the next town is very expensive. I ran into the grocery store and came out with lemon juice. This is a handy puppy parvovirus trick. Force them to drink a bit of lemon juice. I also picked up a bit of goat milk. After I got home she was eager to drink goats milk only throwing up a few drops. She took a long whiney puppy nap and now as I right this she’s drinking water and putting the run on Finley again. I do intend to make the trip to get her vaccinated. It’s too much of a risk to not. 

Three years ago my dog Borden had parvo. It is so awful and deadly. I nursed that dog for over a week as I couldn’t afford to leave him at the vets. A night at the vets is almost $1000. 

Here is my advice for anyone that does have to run the course of it.

– get a turkey Baster for force feeding. They will fight you agressively. If you don’t force water and food they will die. 

– force feed water every other hour and Powerade every hour in between. The IV they get at the vet mostly consists of electrolytes in attempt to give them energy to fight the virus. Powerade or any kind of electrolyte drink works wonders. 

– forget dog food because it ain’t gonna happen. I made a broth with wild grouse carrots and salt. I ended up blending this and force feeding every three hours with the baster. At this point they’re puking and shitting faster than anything you can get them to keep down. 

– be adamant. All day, all night.  

– as hopeless and as horrible as it looks, if they’re not hemorrhaging there is a fighting chance. The day Borden got up and started walking I almost cried. He right away ate anything I put in front of him and kept it down. It didn’t take long for him to gain weight back. 

– bleach or burn everything after as parvovirus lives 7 years. 

– Cassandra 


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