The Kitchen Is Painted!

I’ve got the second kitchen wall finished and I thought it would be interesting to go down kitchen memory lane. Buckle up.

10968517_10155206621265367_9182430516273241138_n  So this is believe it or not the first “kitchen”. It blows my mind how much things change in such a small space. The little blue shelf held most of what food we had and everything else was sort of strewn around the fire place. I ended up selling that wardrobe as it was taking up too much space. Oh man looking back on this first kitchen definitely puts it into perspective of how far I’ve come on this project.

384This is the second kitchen area. Much nicer I must add then the first. The wood cook-stove I no longer have sadly, though one day I hope to get another. This kitchen actually was quite functional for the early kitchen days. I believe when I took this picture I had just finished making room for a propane stove I had bought in an auction.

10423842_10154646622905367_611252705141948522_nI decided the back wall of this kitchen would be dry-walled, so it would be easier to put up a tile back splash someday as well as use up the rest of the wallpaper from the wallpaper wall to do a bit of a fancy back splash behind the upper cabinets. I will admit, I hate putting up drywall.


For the second wall I decided to put up 1×4 boards and had originally planned on staining them as I really loved the grey tones in the wood. Looking back on this picture I’m a bit sad that I didn’t seal this as it was. Also in this picture you can see I started finishing the window framing.

11146486_10155566018315367_1405965115517768530_nAfter the wooden wall was done, this past summer I started building cabinets for the kitchen. As it is they’re still not finished but function quite well. They hold quite a bit more then the silly shelving I had going on. Cabinets are a challenge for me as I still consider myself to be a novice carpenter. Everything has to be just so, and perfectly square.


This picture was from a few days ago before I went off to the “big city”. I’ve been painting by headlamp at night singing space oddity at the top of my lungs while Yus and Finley play in front of the stove. Being able to work on the cabin again feels so good. It seems I get a lot more finished inside the cabin in the wintertime, cabin fever?

The little dresser by the window isn’t there to stay but the idea popped into my head last night of how great would it be if I had a little coffee/tea bar area. The painted wooden wall for some reason gives the feeling that the cabins a hundred years old. I love it. Over time since I’ve put the wooden wall up it’s darkened quite a bit, so to have it fresh and white feels like I’m starting with a clean slate. I picked up some supplies today in town to put up some simple open shelving above the little dresser for added cup/tea/coffee storage. After the shelving I’m going to wall paper the top part of the dry-wall wall as a nice backing for the upper cabinets. What I’m really looking forward to is having some real flooring in here. Oh my, won’t that be nice.



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