A Traditional Life

“That’s the life you chose.”

“Count your losses and re-join society” 

“Why don’t you go to the city and find a nice boyfriend.”

It’s not that long ago that my lifestyle wouldn’t have been considered strange or brave. It would have been normal life. No electricity, no being coddled by society, no Netflix, no priveledged twenty somethings expecting life to be easy. 

Traditionally families wouldn’t have slept through a night, wouldn’t have waited for their parents to do things for them. The world happens so quickly that there isn’t time to sit in front of a screen. 

I woke up this morning feeling exhausted. Dogs whined to be fed, the rooster crowed unhappily in the coop, the fire was out with no dry split wood in the house. I put on a headlamp and stepped out into the foggy winter morning. I fed Yus first. Then leaving Finn inside to eat in peace, Yus and I brought water to the chickens. Yus runs beside me to keep pace. Back at the cabin I grab my splitting maul and get to work. Did I feel like doing it? No. I’m human. I would love to still be in bed. Do I want to be warm? Yes. Do I want to create my own warmth from my own labor? Of course. I lit a fire and the cabin started to warm up. I sit down with the dogs snoozing contentedly around me and smoke my pipe. 

What would you do if tomorrow all kinds of societal conveniences stopped. The grocery store closed, the power shut off, Internet gone. Where would your food come from? Would your house be warm? Would you know how to build shelter? What would you do when hunger consumed you? What do you think would happen to all those hungry people crammed into tight neighbourhoods? 

Society has put you in a box of dependence and distracted you with a screen. Good little sheep. 

I don’t have it all figured out by any means, but I made the choice to start and threw myself into out here to learn. 


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