First Day On The Job: Call Me, Cassandra Road – part one

Today was so good. 

Sooo, so good, I’m so happy and giddy it’s hard to think straight enough to organize my thoughts for this post let alone type a complete sentence. But I must share all of the exciting things that were this fantastic day. 

Let’s start at the beginning shall we. 


Finley’s whining because the moose that’s been hanging around due to the drop in temperature is huffing loudly behind the cabin. This moose sometimes doesn’t chew her willows very good and chokes, loudly. I look at my phone, battery – 1%. Insert f-bombs and truck mouthery as I’m waiting for a phone call later in the morning. The cold in the cabin drains my phone battery.

I jump up, light a fire, start my truck, nod at the moose. I’m wide awake now because what if my phone doesn’t charge (this is a thing in the cold temps lately). Once I feel the truck is warm I put my phone to charge. Back inside I start stress knitting and stress eatting. Peanut butter and cranberries on toast. After what I feel like is a lot of time for a truck to be running, I check the phone. 9%. I unplug it. Instantly it drops to 5%. “Mother F*****ing arggggg!” I scream at a confused moose. I climb/stomp back up stairs and start furiously rage knitting. 

I feel tiredness catch up to me and check the phone again after I feel like the trucks probobly been running for too long now. 14%. Good enough. 

I curl up to my phone and my bed is so comforta…. Zzzzzz


*phone rings* 

Me- (what year is it…) “morning” I groggily slur. 

My new boss, let’s call him B, “Morning! You want me to come out there and get you or do you wanna meet me at the shop” 

“Uhhh, *wipes druel* shop.” 

B, “Lets meet there at 9 then.”


I show up at the shop dressed in gumboots, holey burgandy tights, short shorts, sweater, sweater vest, orange scarf & winter coat. Ready for a day in the bush and to not see people. 

B,  “Alright we have to get to a meeting” 

Why me


Walking into an office and of course we see the ever beautiful, perfectly made up receptionist. Whilst I look like something a tree planter shit out. Then there’s B, he’s looking like a cross between a handsome bushman and Santa Claus.

Receptionist pages important people for meeting, and in walks two of the tallest men I’ve ever seen. We talk about the details of my job.

Meeting adjourned. 


B, “I want to give you this truck so you don’t have to screw around coming to town.”

Me – *literally shits pants*, “like to keep?”

B, “Yes” 

Me, “At my house?” 

B, “After the cardlot your driving.”

Me, *turns into a nervous wreck, simultaneously plays it cool* “uhhhh ohh.. I mean, okay great” 


We maze through the network of logging roads, I’m trying to hear what’s being said over the two-way radio, whilst getting deep into conversation about the area, our lives, relationships lost.. 

B, “Easy! Easy on this corner! So as I was saying I was living in Takla *grabs holy shit handle* Slow down for this corner!”

Finally we pull off onto my road. 

We start taking pictures. Or as B calls it, making pictures

Both of us hop back into the loud deisel and roll into a tiny community almost 200km from the closest town, looking over a beautiful lake, framed by rugged mountains. The Mitchell Range.

 B, “Would you eat a burger?”

“No,” I stubbornly glare. 

B, “Then starve.”


We pull into a hotel with a tiny attached diner. Today’s special, potato soup and BLTs. I make a face at B and begin to shovel food into my mouth. The cold north brings out hunger. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that a no shits given attitude in the bush is liberating as hell. 

A girl, maybe 17 walks into the diner holding a tiny ball of thick fluff. On the way up I told B about these infamous fluffs. 

“Is that a Shepard cross?” I blurt with bacon falling out of my mouth onto sweater vest, whatever. I’m a bush man now. 

“Shepard/Arctic Wolf”, she replies. 

“I’ll take one when I come back next week.” Comes out of my mouth while my brain tries to comprehend what I just said. I don’t regret it.  


We hop back in the truck and head back on the road to finish my route. Lovell cove. North.

-stay tuned for part two


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